Sunday, 16 October 2016

Bruce's Game Plan gets some Worldly assistance.


What's the world coming to? I mean - really! Not content with his high entry fee 'Business meetings'- keeping the Brethren primed to be top earners for his church and himself,  one must presume, BDH has enlisted the help of outsiders to rev up the throng. He wants them to be leaders. Just not as big a leader -  as him.  


So not only would you gain words from the extended Hales hierarchy of business revver- uppers, but at the Vector arena in 'New Zilland' he has brought Steve Hansen and Willie Apiata on to the UBT speaking circuit to wind those Peebs up to their prime earning potential with words from the "All-Blacks" Rugby Coach and the V.C. Recipient. One can only hope they did not use any profanities during their  addresses/coaching sessions.


This is plain nuts in the context of the EB history. To bring in outside sporting and war heroes to underpin a $2000 a head 'church' event is certainly unprecedented and bordering on crazy in that it must infringe on several of the Brethren rules. I don't know what's next. Maybe a Kadashian to tell the EB women what to wear! But it is all about the men - one must remember that. 


I'm pretty sure the Peebs have crossed a line with this one. Not only by paying worldly people - one a National Rugby Coach and ex-Player and the other a war veteran. Both arenas in which the Brethren are not allowed to partake. They can never attend a rugby game nor do battle in a war. So where is the logic in this madness - or has Bruce simply thrown all caution to the winds in his quest for the Brethren to make as much money as they can - for him?  


It won't be long before they will be enlisting the services of successful ex- Peebs - perish the thought. 


If this gets no strident comments - I am a monkey's uncle. 




  1. Fantastic! Finally the era of separation from the world is over. Enjoy reconnecting with your relatives, everybody!

  2. Taylor and Symington would be turning over in their graves. I mean really. This is a business masquerading as a church. It is also a PR con. Hales does this so that worldlies will say how great they are when they are looking for tax exemptions etc. I think if the run of the mill Peebs haven't worked this out - then they are either scared to death of the man or just plain stupid.

  3. Leaving aside cynicism for a moment this event is an acknowledgement by the Exclusive Brethren that they can learn something from the outside world. This might encourage some to realise that the big bad world they have been told so much about can in fact offer them benefits they have been deprived of for no good reason. Anything that widens EB thinking is in my view a good thing.
    Having said that it does appear to be a PR and money raising exercise with no doubt strong encouragement for EB Businessmen to attend. The speakers seem to be mainly directed at a male audience. How many women were present?
    I do wonder however how they arranged hospitality for their guest speakers! It would have been extremely bad manners to isolate them to dine alone!

  4. I wonder if the attendees were told how wonderful the free advice was. I attended an event like this where the speaker talked up the "free" advice. Maybe he was not getting a cut, or maybe the money we paid was just for admittance and not for the advice����. We are honest, all one man's sons...

  5. There was an event earlier this year in Sydney which was live streamed across the world. Brethren were very strongly "encouraged" to be present. Each geographical area got together in conference halls to watch. My wife and I didn't sign up and we had several calls and emails telling us that we should be there. A very big hulabalu was being made of it. Brethren were being worked up into a fervor. Everyone was beside themselves with anticipation - surely something incredible was going to happen! In many parts of the world, brethren gathered in the middle of the night because it was live and Sydney time. Brethren who could afford it put down 20grand each to be there in person. I can't remember what the live stream cost was because we didn't go... I seem to remember it was around a thousand dollars. Anyway, fortunately I saw through it because I've been lured into that trap a few times and been disappointed. Noone else seemed to see it, and the lead up to the event was pretty impressive to be fair to the poor brethren. Anyway, sure enough, it was a bit of a dud. Noone really talked about it after! And they grossed over 25 million dollars! I calculated it at the time and it was confirmed by someone in the know. Where is the money? Our local meeting rooms and schools never see any of it. When I have asked, my family gets shunned. The only semi-reasonable answer I got was that perhaps it's being saved up for a time when we won't be able to work anymore.

    Sorry for the long single paragraph rant. But I'm stuck in here because of my family who I love and will not leave, and it is really really hard.