Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Exclusive Brethren aka Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and Philosoph(y)ers

Exclusive Brethren take a dim view of philosophy and human wisdom in general-is this a good trait?

We were told that 'God sees through it' and 'God will reveal all'




  1. Well Trump is a great role model for a lack of 'human wisdom'. You're right though- I remember many people in the Peebs who hated those with 'education'. As in ....."He went to (contemptuous look on face) ...a University! Pffft!'

  2. Professor Peter Caw.Culture of curiosity teaching philosophy.Quote "encourage students to keep poking, keep asking, keep challenging. This is what keeps the human enterprise alive and honest, and it is continually needed to protect civilization from the barbarians"

    Some big doubt's Brethren would run with that.Far too scared children might see naked emperors